I think I’d like to move to San Diego.
“What? Where? And Why all of a sudden?”-Editor/Mom
Well, I saw on facebook…
“Wait a minute. When were you on facebook?”-Editor/Mom
What do you mean? I’m always on facebook. How do you think I’m able to keep my paws on the pulse of what’s going on in our society?
“I thought you just asked your friend Aleksa when you wanted to know something.”-Editor/Mom 
I definitely do that cause she knows everything. I also hear about some stuff on the TV in the morning, and I try to stay up for the 11:00 News, but I hardly ever make it. I think facebook’s really the best source of information though, cause you can check it out any time you want to, there’s pictures, and all of your friends can share stories and answer any questions you might have about something. 
Like last week I saw my friend G, you remember G, right? She used to live here and then she moved to San Diego. It’s wicked far away and the sun shines all the time. And it never snows so they get to do Summer stuff all year long, like swimming. I Love swimming. 
“Yes, I’ve been to San Diego, and it’s a super fun place. But what did G tell you?”-Editor/Mom
Right, so G has this new, really fun thing to do, and she posted some pictures of it. It’s called “Dock Diving”, and it looks like a blast.

See, look how much fun she’s having! Come on, I could so do that! You know how much I Love jumping off docks into the lake. They have a special pool, cool toys to catch in mid-air, and competitions to see how far they can jump and they win prizes and everything! 
Can we go to San Diego? Can we, huh?? I could help save money. We could sell all of my collars on e-Bay. Coats too, cause I wouldn’t need them anymore. You don’t have to buy me anything for Christmas. Maybe we could have a Photo Shoot to earn money. Come on, I would be so good at this!

“You would definitely be good at this.”-Editor/Mom
And think about it, we could bring our boat and use it all the time, all year round. And you wouldn’t ever have to shovel snow again. 
“I have to admit, you’re making a pretty good case David.”-Editor/Mom
“I’m in! You had me at “Summer” all the time.”-Auntie Jen
“Sounds good to me, too.”-Waya

“Winters can be pretty brutal around here, and I appreciate all of the sacrifices you’re willing to make, but I don’t think we can just up and head West right now.”-Editor/Mom
Yeah, sure, I get it, but by the time we get to go, I’ll probably be too old to compete. 
“Well David, has it occurred to you that you might not have to go all the way to San Diego to go Dock Diving?”-Editor/Mom
Yeah, I know I can jump off docks around here, but it would be really fun to compete against other dogs like G does.
“Well then, you’ll be happy to know that there is a place right here in NH, not far from where you were born in Amherst, that has a Dock Diving Program, and you wouldn’t have to give up all of your collars and Christmas presents.”-Editor/Mom
No Way! Can we go?
“I’m pretty sure they only do it in the Summer around here, but I’ll tell you what… We’ll check out when they start up next year and sign you up.”-Editor/Mom
Do you mean it?
“Yup. And then you’ll be able to share your pictures and statistics with G. on facebook.”-Editor/Mom
Sweet! I can’t wait. I’m gonna tell G today. Can we go to the Lake so I can start practicing? We’ll need to get a tape measure. A really long one…

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