We have a bunny that lives in our yard. At first I could only smell him, and I didn’t really know what he was. Then I saw him. I’ve seen him like four times when we come home at night. He likes to hang out on our patio. Then, when I get out of the car I think he gets scared, cause he always runs away. And he always gets away, mostly cause my Mom won’t let me chase him.

“Right, because do you remember what almost happened the time you chased him down the driveway? When he ran across the street just before the car that was coming?? And the only thing that saved you from getting hit by that car was that you listened when Auntie Kristine and I both told you NO???”-Editor/Panicked Mom

Yup, I remember. Good thing you guys were paying attention, too, cause all I saw was the bunny, and I was sure I could catch him. I probably would’ve followed him all the way out to the big road. I call him Buzz, cause he’s really fast, and I never know which way he’s going to run. 

Buzz only comes out when it’s dark, and now that I know when he’s around, I look for him out my bedroom window every morning. The other day after it snowed, my Mom came in with really exciting news. 

Not only were there fresh bunny tracks, but she got to see him, and even got pictures of him with the camera. I knew it was Buzz right away and begged to go outside and find him myself. She said yes after I promised not to run into the street. Yippee!

As soon as we got outside I got a hold of his scent, found his tracks and followed him into the front yard. 

“How does this end, you ask? I know, you’re thinking not well for Buzz, right? Well, don’t you worry. Turns out that while David really enjoys the chase, he just wanted to get to know him.”-Editor/Mom

Yeah, I like bunnies. I wouldn’t ever hurt him. I thought he might be cold so I brought him in and showed him around the house. Me and Buzz are buddies. I guess he doesn’t mind the cold, though, so he’d rather stay outside, but he said we could hang out whenever all the other dogs are gone.

**No bunnies were hurt in the making of this Blog**

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