Christmas is over, and I’m happy to report that my Letter to Santa definitely got to him in time. Me & Waya each got lots of toys, and most of mine even had my name on them, just like I asked.

I think both of our favorite toys are the really bright so you can’t lose them footballs. Our Moms took us outside and played fetch with us and everything. And, most important, they both had our names on them so that Waya wouldn’t be confused about whose was whose.

But you know what happened? She didn’t care. Not one bit. She stole mine right away, like two hours after I opened it, and chewed a big hole in one end.
“Maybe she can’t read yet. She’s only one, you know.”-Editor/Mom
Maybe, but I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t care. She likes to wreck all my stuff and then she hoards all her stuff so I can’t play with anything. But it’s okay, cause she left her football here when she left on Wednesday, so you know what I did? 

He he he. Yup, you guessed it! I found her football and played with it all day! Me & Mom played tug…
“Wait a minute. Don’t be dragging me into your little war with Waya. I didn’t realize ’til I saw the writing on it.”-Editor/Mom
What difference does it make? She’ll never know. She can’t “read”, remember? And it’s not like I’m gonna wreck it on her. I’m just playing with it cause she already killed mine.
“Did you forget that “I” can read, David?”-Auntie Jen
Oh, oh… Come on, don’t tell her. She deserves it. Think about all your slippers she’s eaten.
“True, that may buy you a little extra play time with it.”-Auntie Jen

Cool. I figured I’d better make the most of it. I brought it outside, and ran around, and even thought about burying it in the snow, but that would be mean. What if we got more snow and couldn’t find it ’til Spring? What if one of the Camp dogs dug it up? 
Hiding it on her does sound like a good idea, though. But where? Hmmmmm…

I know! I’ll hide it on my bed, under my blanket. I don’t think she’ll find it there. You can barely see it. What do you think? 

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