I know I’m all kinds of late with this post, but Boy oh Boy was I tired after our last little weekend getaway. It wasn’t just a regular Boat Ride weekend or Day Trip weekend. Hey, by the way, did you know that part of my whole long official name is Day Tripper? Yup, and it’s not just cause my family are all Beatles fans (My Mom’s name is Abbey Road and my Dad’s name is Band on the Run). It’s got what you call a double meaning, and that’s cause we like to go on Day Trips. And sometimes our Day Trips last longer than twenty-four hours.

There’s almost always a destination in mind for a Day Trip. Like this past weekend we left early Saturday morning to go on a boat ride to a new lake up in New Hampshire. Well, it’s not exactly a new lake, but one we hadn’t been to before. Newfound Lake. It took us awhile to get there, but once we got the boat in the water, we sure had a good time.

It was super nice out. The lake was really big, and it even had an island where our Moms pulled up the boat on so we could get off and go swimming. That was really cool. I wish we lived on an island so we could go swimming all the time, even though Waya always steals my toy after I do all the hard work fetching it out of the water.
“You’re not the only one, David. I could definitely get into living on a lake. And maybe Waya won’t steal your toys when she’s a better swimmer and can get her own.”-Editor/Mom

I sure hope so. Anyway, where was I? 
“On Newfound Lake.”-Editor/Mom
Right. We were having such a good time none of us wanted to go home. So, Mom started calling on the phone, right from the boat, to try and find us a place to stay. And it worked. The Blue Moon Motel wasn’t very far away, and they had a room for us. Now it was officially a Secret Mission.

The Blue Moon was nice, but we really didn’t spend much time there. It was late by the time we got off the lake, so we to out for dinner on Lake Winnipesaukee, where they didn’t let us go swimming, but we were able to sit out on the grass patio with our Moms while they ate. Then we went out for breakfast in Plymouth, where we had to wait in the car, but got to go for a walk around the little town.

Then it was time to get back out in the boat again for day two on the Lake. We ended up having to go to a different lake, on account of Newfound Lake was full, which I don’t really get, cause there looked like there was plenty of room out there for us.
“It wasn’t the lake that was full, it was the parking lot for our car and trailer that was full. Some kind of fishing tournament going on. We’ll be remembering to check on stuff like that before heading out on future expeditions.”-Editor/Mom

So we drove about a half hour to Winnisquam Lake, and spent the day checking out everything there. It was a really nice lake too, even though it didn’t have a place we could get out and swim. 

I think I might have some of the lake pictures mixed up, but I think you’ll agree they’re both really nice. I highly recommend checking them both out. It’s even more fun if you make it a Secret Mission, cause you never know where you might end up.

One funny thing I noticed when I was going through all of the pictures… Have you noticed that Waya only has one ear in every picture of her? Silly, right?


Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this blog post out to you all. First I wanted to talk about the incident that happened while we were on vacation. I know my Mom and Auntie Jen told everyone about it, and I really wanted to tell my side of the story, but something else way more exciting happened last week. We got a new boat! And boy is it cool! I don’t know if you remember the little boat we had last year, but this one is like, twice as big, and it’s a good thing too, cause I don’t think there would’ve been room in that one for Waya.

Check this out! There’s room at the bow (that’s the front of the boat for all you landlubbers) for both of us. We can jump down into the boat and even chase each other around the driver’s seat in the middle.

“Yeah, well don’t get used to it. This is only a loaner. We thought it would be a good idea to give you guys some room, but as it turns out, center console design with a herding dog does not make for very relaxing cruising, so we’re looking forward to getting the boat we ordered.”-Editor/Mom

Hey, doesn’t matter to me, as long as we get to catch some wind in our ears and look out over the side at the water. That’s the funnest part, well, along with how we always get to go swimming before and after every boat ride. Oh yeah, and Mom always brings snacks and we usually get to share them. Last week we all had strawberries. They were delicious.

“So that’s the best part? The food? What about us all getting to go new places and hang out as a family?”-Editor/Mom

Well heck yeah! That’s always the best part. And it’s even better now that we have a smoother riding boat. I always felt like I was gonna bounce right out of the last one. Mom and Auntie Jen thought it was funny, but they’re taking it a lot easier on us now. Maybe it has something to do with that boating safety course they took.

Boating can definitely be very relaxing when you’re not holding on for your life. We’ve already been out on two different lakes, and this weekend we’re renting a house on a lake so that we can go out for rides whenever we want without having to go through the whole trailer thing. And look, our Moms bought us cool new collars to wear now that we’re actually “boaters”. 

“Hey, you’ve gotta look good while you’re out there.”-Editor/Mom


Can somebody tell me how much longer it’ll be before Waya’s puppy teeth fall out? Cause boy do they hurt, and I’ll be happy when they’re gone.

“Well, typically they’re pretty much gone when you reach five months old. Yours were, and we were all very happy.”-Editor/Mom

I don’t think mine were as sharp as hers. Have you noticed all of the little scabs I have from playing with her? I feel like a pin cushion.

“I have to agree with you, David. She’s got the biggest and sharpest puppy fangs I’ve ever seen.”-Auntie Jen

And is it me, or is she growing really fast? 

“Yeah, we’ve been noticing that, too.”-Editor/Mom

She’s already almost as big as me, and she’s still just a baby. How big is she gonna be when she’s my age?? I remember Jazzy was bigger than me, but not a whole lot heavier.

“Hard to say. Jazzy only weighed about 8 lbs. more than you do, but at this rate, Waya could be a lot bigger than her.”-Editor/Mom

Great, I can barely knock her down anymore as it is. At least I can still outrun her. 

“Well, I wouldn’t count on that for much longer if I were you. She’s been closing that gap on you the last couple of weeks.”-Editor/Mom

“Yeah, you’re screwed, Buddy.”-Auntie Jen

So you’re all saying that she’s gonna be bigger “and” faster than me? Boy, I better start working out. The good thing is I’ll always be older and wiser. And maybe she’ll learn to put some of her energy towards other things that don’t involve chewing on me all the time. 

“We can hope, but she really does seem to enjoy picking on you.”-Editor/Mom

Yeah, no kidding. And have any of you noticed that black pitchfork shaped mark on her forehead? What the Hell, I mean Heck, is that all about?

“You might have been right the first time. She “does” seem to have a little bit of the Devil in her, doesn’t she?”-Editor/Mom

“Yes, and speaking of scabs, I can’t help but notice that scar you gave her under her right eye. You’re gonna pay for that later, David.”-Auntie Jen

I didn’t mean it, but I had to defend myself. It’s already almost gone, so I think she’ll probably forget about it.


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t know what people are talking about. I know what you’re thinking though, and you can go ahead and laugh, but it’s not because I’m stupid. 

“Nobody said you were stupid. Language can sometimes be difficult to understand, even for us humans. Not to mention, you live in America, which means you speak English, and English is the hardest language to learn.”-Editor/Mom

I agree. I’ve been doing a little research, and the Oxford English Dictionary says there are 171,476 words, and that doesn’t even count old words nobody uses anymore, or slang words, or contractions, whatever they are. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says there are 1 Million words! 1 Million? Do you people really need that many?? I also learned that the average dog only knows 165. How’re we supposed to keep up? 

 “Actually, it’s believed some dogs can learn up to 1,000 words. I think what also makes it even harder for dogs in breaking the language barrier, is that us people use whole sentences to get our points across, and you dogs communicate using single words at a time.”-Editor/Mom

You’re right! I mean I can pick words out of a sentence, but half the time it’s all gibberish. For example, you might say: “I’m gonna go out and start the car so we can take a ride to the beach.” All I hear is: “Bla blah bla OUT bla blah bla bla bla bla bla blah bla RIDE bla bla BEACH!” I get the gist. You really only needed to say 3 words. I don’t know why you gotta make everything so difficult. 

“Maybe we don’t want you to know everything we’re saying, unless we’re actually talking “to” you.”-Editor/Mom

Okay, that’s fine, but what I’ve had a hard time with is why Waya doesn’t listen when I tell her stuff. Like “NO” when she’s biting my ears. Everybody knows NO, it’s the first word we learn. I thought she was just being fresh and ignoring me. Then I realized that Mom and Auntie don’t use the word NO with her. They say NAY. What the Heck is that all about? Is NAY even a word?? 

“Actually, I think it’s one of those slang words you mentioned before, or maybe just one that nobody uses anymore. Doesn’t matter which, the reason we’re using different words with Waya than you is because she’s going to have a different job around here than you do, and we might want you to do different things at the same time.”-Editor/Mom

So, what difference does that make? A command is a command, isn’t it?

“It is, but if the commands are the same for both of you, what happens if we want you to “Sit”, and Waya hears it and sits when we might be wanting her to do something else? That’s why Auntie chose to have her learn some different commands than yours.”-Editor/Mom

“She didn’t want to just use random English words, so she thought the French words they use to train dogs would be perfect. That’s why we say “Sit” for you, and “Assis” (ah-si) for her. “Down” for you, and “Coucher” (coo-shay) for her. We don’t want the two of you to be confused about who’s supposed to be doing what, although I think Auntie sometimes gets confused herself.”-Editor/Mom

French? What’s French?? 

“French is a whole different language. And if you ask Aleksa, she’ll tell you that there are 6,500 different languages. Think about it David, if there are 171,476 words in every language, that would be, ummmm, 1,114,594,000 words to choose from.”-Editor/Mom

What? My head hurts. And who’s Aleksa? Can I ask her stuff, too??

“Well, you can try, but we speak the same language, and she never understands me.”-Editor/Mom


“So David, how’s about a little update on how things are going between you and your new puppy?”-Editor/Mom

Puppy? You mean Waya? She’s not a puppy, she’s a piranha! Have you seen the fangs on her? She’s not afraid to use them, either. 

“So, apparently you’ve forgotten what you were like when you were four months old. We couldn’t even let you near Jazzy, because all you wanted to do was jump on her and bite her. She wanted nothing to do with you.”-Editor/Mom

I don’t remember that. And hey, I like it when we get to run and wrestle together. Nobody likes a good Smackdown more than me, but boy oh boy, do those teeth hurt when she chews on my head. I figured out the best way to stop her, though. I just grab one of her legs and hold on ’til she lets go. Then I start running so she can’t catch me.

It’s fun when we have toys or sticks to play with, except that she always wants the one I have. We’re learning to share, but it’s better when we each have our own to run with. 

“So, all in all, it sounds like things are going well. We’re glad that you two are getting along, and that we’re able to leave you alone outside together, even if it’s only for short periods at a time.”-Editor/Mom

Yeah, it’s fun taking turns knocking each other down. I just wish she’d learn what it means when I say “Uncle”, and let me go. And have you noticed that she’s getting bigger? Just look at the difference in the first four pictures from the beginning of the week, and these last ones from today. She’s almost as big as me. She’s getting faster, too. I’ve really gotta turn on the turbo to stay ahead of her now.

The most important question of all is: When are her puppy teeth going to fall out? 

“Not soon enough, David. Not soon enough.”-Editor/Mom


“So, Dave had his next Blog post pretty much planned out, and we were just about ready to sit down and write it together, but I decided that this important development in David & Waya’s relationship should be told first. As you may or may not know, we haven’t let them actually play together yet. David likes puppies, but hasn’t been subjected to their sharp puppy fangs, and Waya is desperate to sink hers into anything, so we thought it best to proceed carefully if we want them to be friends for the long haul. I’ll tell the story, but feel free to chip in any time with your thoughts Dave.

Jen stayed in our room all weekend because Nana & Papa were visiting, so in the morning she brought Waya up in bed with us.”-Editor/Mom

I was thinking that Auntie Jen took up enough room in our bed. Did she really have to let Waya in, too?

“For awhile they kept a respectful distance from each other. Then, little Waya couldn’t help herself and squirmed her way closer to her Big Brother.”-Editor/Mom

She’s TOUCHING me!

“He gave her the “stink-eye” at first, and tried to move away, but she was persistent.”-Editor/Mom

She’s a pest, that’s what she is. She steals my toys and runs into her cage where I’m not allowed, so I figured this would be a good chance to tease her for a change. I jumped off the bed and started running around the house, cause I knew Auntie Jen wouldn’t let her follow me.

It worked! She was super jealous. But after a couple minutes, it got kinda boring, like it would be more fun if she was chasing me. I think she felt the same way, cause she started giving me the “play vibe”.

“So we thought What the Heck? Let’s give them a try.”-Editor/Mom

Auntie Jen asked me if I was ready, and I said: “Heck, yeah”, so she let her go.

“We kept a very close eye on them to make sure nobody was getting too fresh, but they did really great together. We knew they’d be buddies, but honestly, we weren’t expecting it this soon.”-Editor/Mom

“Yes, I was quite proud of both of them. They were fun to watch.”-Auntie Jen

It was wicked fun. We had a great time. She’s not so bad after all.

Yea! I finally got to play with my Big Brother! We ran and wrestled. He runs really fast! I got tired way before he did, and was ready for a nap.-Waya

Yeah, I was just getting warmed up when we had to take a break.

“They had so much fun and were so good that we let them have another round after Waya rested up.”-Editor/Mom

“You’d better enjoy this time you have that she can’t catch you David, cause it won’t be long before she’ll be right on your heels.”-Auntie Jen




My new puppy’s only been here for two weeks, and she’s already starting to think that all of the toys belong to her.

“Okay, I’m going to stop you right there for a minute, David. Three things for you to remember:
1) Waya’s not actually “your” puppy. She’s Auntie Jen’s puppy.
2) The toys don’t actually “belong” to you. They’re here for you to play with.
3) Part of being the “Best Big Brother Ever” involves sharing the toys that are here.”

Oh man, nobody said anything about having to share the toys. I mean, Come On, we each have two Gators. I oughta be able to play with mine, and she can play with hers. I saw her eyeing my little Gator Guy right off the bat. And what did she do the first chance she got? She grabbed him and took him into her cage with all her other stuff.

“Yes, she did. And what did you do the first chance you got?”-Editor/Mom

I took him back. What was I supposed to do? They shouldn’t have left the gate open. You would’ve done the same thing if it were your favorite toy. You know how much I Love my Gators. I play with them all the time.

“Well, there’s no denying that, but in the interest of peace and harmony in our household, you two are going to both have to learn to share them, along with all of the other toys. Right now she’s in her X-Pen with a bunch of toys, and you’re outside with the rest of them. I think we’ll start swapping them back and forth ’til you guys catch on. That way, you’ll both get to enjoy all of the toys, and hopefully learn to share them and even play with them together when Waya’s big enough to be out and about with us. What do you think?”-Editor/Mom

I guess that would be okay, but in the meantime I’m gonna pick one (maybe two) and stay out of her reach while she’s playing with the other toys in her cage. I know, maybe we just need more Gators! That way there’d always be enough for both of us to play with.

“That’s a Great idea David. We couldn’t agree more. After all, you can’t have too many Gators, right? So, here’s two more to add to the collection. Now you’ll have six of them to share.”-Editor/Mom (and Auntie Jen)

Yippee! You guys are the Best Moms Ever!


“So, little Laying Low Sweet Waya arrived last Thursday and it’s been a busy five days. She truly is very sweet, and David has made me proud. He seemed to like her the minute she walked in, and so far he’s being the very good Big Brother he promised to be. I’m sure they’ll go through some horrible growing pains together, but for now, so far, so sweet.”-Editor/Mom

Well, what’d you expect? You know I like puppies, and I know how to act. Boy, you weren’t kidding when you said “little”. She’s really small. I knew it was her the second I smelled her when she got here. She does look a lot like Jazzy, but so far she doesn’t act much like her.

“Well, that’s because she has to grow up. She’s got a lot to learn, just like you did when you were eight weeks old. You didn’t become a good dog overnight, and look, you’re still learning.”-Editor/Mom

Yeah, I’ve noticed all the extra training sessions we’ve been doing. It’s exhausting having a new puppy, working and doing extra training, too.

“Do you think?”-Jen

“Yeah, tell us about it. Trust me, it’ll all pay off in a few months. So, aside from all the extra hard work, what do you think about her?”-Editor/Mom

I like her so far. She’s kind of a spaz sometimes, like when she runs around the room and throws herself on the dog beds. And what’s up with the pool with all the empty water bottles in it? It’s wicked loud. Last night I was sleeping when she jumped in it and I almost fell off Auntie’s ottoman.

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure what you were going to think about that, but hey, she likes it, and it keeps her from launching herself at you, so I’m thinking it’s a win, win.”-Editor/Mom

You’re probably right. She seems to like following me around, and it was kinda fun playing tug with her. I even let her win a couple of times. I haven’t been able to play with my toys as much, and haven’t had as much snuggle time with Auntie Jen as usual, but me and Mom got to go and play Frisbee like we usually do, and it was super fun playing with the new toy that Auntie got for Waya.

“Yeah, and hopefully you two will be able to play with all the toys together soon. Think of all the fun you’ll have. I bet you’ll be best buddies in no time.”-Editor/Mom

I sure hope so, but I think for now I’ll just hang back a little and watch her from a safe spot while we get to know each other.

“That’s probably wise, and don’t worry, Auntie Jen’s got plenty of snuggle time for both of you.”-Editor/Mom