I know I’m all kinds of late with this post, but Boy oh Boy was I tired after our last little weekend getaway. It wasn’t just a regular Boat Ride weekend or Day Trip weekend. Hey, by the way, did you know that part of my whole long official name is Day Tripper? Yup, and it’s not just cause my family are all Beatles fans (My Mom’s name is Abbey Road and my Dad’s name is Band on the Run). It’s got what you call a double meaning, and that’s cause we like to go on Day Trips. And sometimes our Day Trips last longer than twenty-four hours.

There’s almost always a destination in mind for a Day Trip. Like this past weekend we left early Saturday morning to go on a boat ride to a new lake up in New Hampshire. Well, it’s not exactly a new lake, but one we hadn’t been to before. Newfound Lake. It took us awhile to get there, but once we got the boat in the water, we sure had a good time.

It was super nice out. The lake was really big, and it even had an island where our Moms pulled up the boat on so we could get off and go swimming. That was really cool. I wish we lived on an island so we could go swimming all the time, even though Waya always steals my toy after I do all the hard work fetching it out of the water.
“You’re not the only one, David. I could definitely get into living on a lake. And maybe Waya won’t steal your toys when she’s a better swimmer and can get her own.”-Editor/Mom

I sure hope so. Anyway, where was I? 
“On Newfound Lake.”-Editor/Mom
Right. We were having such a good time none of us wanted to go home. So, Mom started calling on the phone, right from the boat, to try and find us a place to stay. And it worked. The Blue Moon Motel wasn’t very far away, and they had a room for us. Now it was officially a Secret Mission.

The Blue Moon was nice, but we really didn’t spend much time there. It was late by the time we got off the lake, so we to out for dinner on Lake Winnipesaukee, where they didn’t let us go swimming, but we were able to sit out on the grass patio with our Moms while they ate. Then we went out for breakfast in Plymouth, where we had to wait in the car, but got to go for a walk around the little town.

Then it was time to get back out in the boat again for day two on the Lake. We ended up having to go to a different lake, on account of Newfound Lake was full, which I don’t really get, cause there looked like there was plenty of room out there for us.
“It wasn’t the lake that was full, it was the parking lot for our car and trailer that was full. Some kind of fishing tournament going on. We’ll be remembering to check on stuff like that before heading out on future expeditions.”-Editor/Mom

So we drove about a half hour to Winnisquam Lake, and spent the day checking out everything there. It was a really nice lake too, even though it didn’t have a place we could get out and swim. 

I think I might have some of the lake pictures mixed up, but I think you’ll agree they’re both really nice. I highly recommend checking them both out. It’s even more fun if you make it a Secret Mission, cause you never know where you might end up.

One funny thing I noticed when I was going through all of the pictures… Have you noticed that Waya only has one ear in every picture of her? Silly, right?

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