We just got back from our week in Camden, Maine. This was my third time going, and it’s my favoritist place in the whole, wide world. 
“I’m not sure that favoritist is a word, but I have to agree. Why don’t you tell everybody what you like the most.”-Editor/Mom
Since I don’t really know where to start, I’m gonna steal an idea from another famous Dave, and make a Top 10 List. So, here are the ten best things about our vacation.

#10-Car Rides and Stops at Cool Places on the Way

There are always fun places to get out and investigate when we go on vacation. And who knew Uncle Aaron had a place in Maine? This must be where he goes when he’s not with us at Free Dog. We stopped in but he wasn’t there. I wish I had a giant sign with my name on it on my house.

#9-Eating Out in Different Places

Okay, well mostly it was Mom and Auntie getting all the good food, but me and Waya got to have dinner on our balcony every night. Aleksa says it’s called eating “al fresco”.

#8-Going for Walks and Hanging Outside

There are so many fun places to hang out in Camden, and they’re all really close to our hotel. There’s the park, and the water, and the waterfall, and the main street. There’s tons of benches to sit on, and I taught Waya how much fun it is to roll around in the grass.


Well, it is the most important meal of the day. And they bring it to us every morning in our room.

#6-My Duck Friends

It was really cool seeing all of my duck friends from last year. I’m pretty sure they remembered me, too. And I know the big white bird isn’t a duck, but I thought she was really neat looking.

#5-Playing Frisbee on the Big Hill

It’s so much fun having the whole park to ourselves in the morning before everybody gets up.

Auntie Jen and Waya really like the park, too. They had tons of room to work on Waya’s drills.


This was my first time ever seeing fireworks. Amazing!They were really pretty and I love the big, loud booms they made.

#3-Our Hotel

We always stay at the Grand Harbor Inn. They remember us every year, and always welcome us with cookies. It’s right on the water with a great view of the harbor. Our room is huge, so there’s plenty of room for us to play, and then there’s a comfy bed, couch and chair for us to hang out on. It even has a fireplace, but we really didn’t need it cause it was so nice out.


Me and Waya both loved getting to swim every day. Funny thing is though, I do all the work fetching the sticks and toys, and she steals them from me as soon as I get close to the shore. I don’t really mind though, cause fetching the toys is the fun part anyway.

#1-The Sailboat Ride

And the best thing about Camden…Every year we go out on the Schooner Appledore, and it’s always the best part of our trip. Waya really loved it, too. I like looking over the side of the boat and seeing all of the other cool sailboats in the bay. We saw this giant yacht that was so big it had it’s own motor boat and sailboat on it’s deck. They said it’s the third biggest private yacht in the world and it belongs to some billionaire oil guy from Russia, wherever that is.

“Well, it sounds like you and Waya had as good a time as Auntie and I. I’m surprised though, that our annual trip up Mt. Battie didn’t make your Top 10 List.”_Editor/Mom

Yeah, it’s really nice up there, but we usually hike up to the top and this time we drove. Running up and down the trail is the best part. 

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, but I was really tired, and I promise to be in better shape when go back next year.”-Editor/Mom

That’s okay, cause you know what the best part of vacation really is? It’s all the extra hang out and cuddle time we get to have with our Moms, right Waya?

“Yup, you bet.”-Waya

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  1. Love it, Looks like you all had a great time. David you really have learned some great writing skills from your Momma

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