After my successful trial run using only my mind to send a message to Waya last week, I figured I ought to take it to the next level and try it on a human. Auntie Kristine was the perfect choice. We know each other really well, and I didn’t think I’d have trouble getting a message through to her. I just had to decide what to ask for. It couldn’t be anything too out of the ordinary, cause she might become suspicious, and I wouldn’t want her to get in trouble for doing something crazy. I can work my way up to harder tasks later. So, what’s the most reasonable thing I might want that wouldn’t raise any red flags?

Food, that’s what… Us dogs are always looking for food. But Auntie Kristine never feeds me dinner unless my Mom’s not around. So, I followed the plan just like before, and concentrated really hard on my empty dog bowl, and how much I’d really like Auntie Kristine to fill it for me.

I laid the groundwork while we were bonding during Camp on Monday. I concentrated really hard on my request, and felt pretty good about it working when I left for the afternoon. I kept thinking about it the whole time I was gone cause, well, I figured every little bit of energy in the right direction might help. I couldn’t wait to get home that night to see if my experiment worked.

Holy Mackeral! It worked all right. Check it out, all of these cookies were in my bowl when I got back home. I could hardly believe it either. Oh Boy, I’m gonna do this every time. I Love having a snack before bed, and now I can have one waiting for me every night when I get back home.

“Are you sure it was your telepathic powers that made it happen? What if it was a coincidence? What if Auntie Kristine just felt like giving you some cookies when she was filling the Camp cookie jar as a surprise?”-Editor/Mom

Well, I thought about that, so I figured I’d try it again on Wednesday, just to see.

And, Look! It worked again. She would never have given me cookies two times in a row without my using my new powers of suggestion. This is amazing.

“You got that right, not sure how I feel about this.”-Editor/Mom

I mean, who knew it would be so easy? I wonder what else I can do, and who else I can work with? The possibilities seem endless. 

“Oh no. This could definitely get out of hand. If you see David hanging around you wearing those glasses and headphones, you’d better take off in a hurry. You don’t want to be responsible for God knows what he might have up his sleeve.”-Editor/Mom

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