Wow! Another year over, and time to start a new one. That means time for new resolutions. Hmmmm, what do I want to try this year?

“Well, before you start making all kinds of new promises to yourself, maybe we should take a look at the ones you made last year, and see how well you did. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Do you remember what resolutions you made last year?”-Editor/Mom

Ummmm, I remember saying that I was gonna try to be a Good Boy and listen better, and respond quicker when someone gives me a command. I know I get distracted sometimes, but I think I’ve done pretty good with that all year.

“Yeah, you have been a pretty Good Boy. Good job with that one! What else?”-Editor/Mom

I said I wanted to be a really good Frisbee player and practice every day. The only thing is, I needed my Mom’s help to do that, and she wasn’t able to take me out every day.

“Right. That was one of my resolutions, too. Sorry I failed you, David. I promise to try harder. And I might be able to make it up to you in another way. I wasn’t going to tell you about this right way because I know you’ll have a hard time waiting, but I’ve signed you up for a Dock Diving class in the Spring. It’ll be something we can do together.”-Editor/Mom

Dock Diving? Like G does in California?? You really mean it??? You said there was a place around here, but I figured you forgot. This is gonna be great! Will we get to go every day? 

“Hold on there, buddy. I think you’re gonna be great at it, but first we’re gonna check out the indoor pool and see how you do, then some classes outside when it gets warm out, but I’m pretty sure they don’t run every day.”-Editor/Mom

Cool. I can’t wait! We’re definitely gonna have to get a house on a lake so I can practice. Heck, I can even do it by myself when my Mom isn’t home.

“Yeah, well that’s probably not going to happen right away, but Auntie Jen and I will make resolutions to start looking for a place on a lake, and I’ll plan to play more Frisbee with you in the meantime… Now, back to ‘your’ old resolutions. Do you remember the rest of them?”-Editor/Mom

I think there was one about trying new foods, but you said I was only allowed to eat certain stuff, so that doesn’t really count. I can’t think of anything else.

“You said you wanted to learn how to play the guitar. How’s that going?”-Editor/Mom

Right… Yeah, that was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I think you need thumbs to play the guitar. Oh well, like you said, most everybody never gets all their resolutions done, and now I know to keep them easier this year.

“Hold on, there was one more from last year. Don’t you remember how much you were looking forward to having a new little Sister, and that you were going to be the Best Big Brother Ever?”-Editor/Mom

Yup, I remember that. Whew! That’s been a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, too. Waya wasn’t littler than me for very long, and it was like she didn’t want a Big Brother at all. I was really looking forward to hanging out, playing and teaching her the ropes around here, but she thinks she already knows everything and always wants to be the boss. I’ve tried everything, but nothing works. I’m hoping it’ll be easier when she grows up.

“It ‘has’ been a long year, hasn’t it?”-Editor/Mom

Yeah, hey, I know…Maybe we ought to have Waya make some New Years Resolutions, and for this year I’ll stick with learning Dock Diving and keep working on last year’s.

“That sounds like a great idea, and should be enough to keep you busy. Happy New Year!”-Editor/Mom 



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