David C. Stein… and that’s C for Coull.
Yup, that’s my name (don’t wear it out), and I’ll bet you’re expecting this Blog to be all about me, aren’t you? Well it’s not. It’s about the original David C. Stein, my Great-Grandfather, who I was named after. You see today is August 20th, and this would be his 101st Birthday if he was still alive. 
He died way before I was born, but by all accounts, he was pretty amazing. It must be true, cause if you think about it, my Mom never would have named me after some loser. 

“That’s right David, he was a very Cool guy, kinda like you, and he’d be the first to tell you that the C. actually stood for Cool.”-Editor/Mom

See, I knew it. Except for us both being Cool though, I’m not sure how much we have in common, but Mom says that he would’ve really liked me anyway. Probably cause he liked to hunt, and well, I “am” a bird dog, even though I prefer bunnies.
“That’s actually okay, because he used to go rabbit hunting with his Beagles.”-Editor/Mom
Okay, so we’re kinda on the same page. Maybe we do have some common interests.

He was a big guy, with a big voice. Well, I’m not that big, but I’m told I have a big voice.

He liked to ride his motorcycles. I think they’re kinda loud, but, maybe if we had a sidecar.

He liked going to the mountains. I Love mountains.

He never went to college, but could fix or build anything, seriously, Anything. TV’s, lawnmowers, cars, he even built the house my Mom grew up in. I like to watch TV and ride on the lawnmower and in cars. He probably would’ve built me a really Cool dog house to hang out in.

He knew how to have a good time, and have a few ice cold beers, Dawson was his favorite. I’m not allowed to have beer, but it sure looks refreshing, and I like my water to be ice cold.

He liked to drive really fast with the windows wide open. I Love sticking my head out the window when we’re in the car.

He liked to go fishing. I Love fish.

“Well, that’s not exactly the same thing, but I really think you two would have hit it off and been best buddies anyway.”-Editor/Mom

Yeah, me too. So Happy Birthday Gramps! Oh, and here’s a picture of him with his beautiful wife Dorothy. He was a pretty handsome guy, wasn’t he? 

“Yup, people used to say he looked like Errol Flynn.”-Editor/Mom

Who’s Errol Flynn?

“Why don’t you go ask your friend Aleksa?-Editor/Mom



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