“So, Dave had his next Blog post pretty much planned out, and we were just about ready to sit down and write it together, but I decided that this important development in David & Waya’s relationship should be told first. As you may or may not know, we haven’t let them actually play together yet. David likes puppies, but hasn’t been subjected to their sharp puppy fangs, and Waya is desperate to sink hers into anything, so we thought it best to proceed carefully if we want them to be friends for the long haul. I’ll tell the story, but feel free to chip in any time with your thoughts Dave.

Jen stayed in our room all weekend because Nana & Papa were visiting, so in the morning she brought Waya up in bed with us.”-Editor/Mom

I was thinking that Auntie Jen took up enough room in our bed. Did she really have to let Waya in, too?

“For awhile they kept a respectful distance from each other. Then, little Waya couldn’t help herself and squirmed her way closer to her Big Brother.”-Editor/Mom

She’s TOUCHING me!

“He gave her the “stink-eye” at first, and tried to move away, but she was persistent.”-Editor/Mom

She’s a pest, that’s what she is. She steals my toys and runs into her cage where I’m not allowed, so I figured this would be a good chance to tease her for a change. I jumped off the bed and started running around the house, cause I knew Auntie Jen wouldn’t let her follow me.

It worked! She was super jealous. But after a couple minutes, it got kinda boring, like it would be more fun if she was chasing me. I think she felt the same way, cause she started giving me the “play vibe”.

“So we thought What the Heck? Let’s give them a try.”-Editor/Mom

Auntie Jen asked me if I was ready, and I said: “Heck, yeah”, so she let her go.

“We kept a very close eye on them to make sure nobody was getting too fresh, but they did really great together. We knew they’d be buddies, but honestly, we weren’t expecting it this soon.”-Editor/Mom

“Yes, I was quite proud of both of them. They were fun to watch.”-Auntie Jen

It was wicked fun. We had a great time. She’s not so bad after all.

Yea! I finally got to play with my Big Brother! We ran and wrestled. He runs really fast! I got tired way before he did, and was ready for a nap.-Waya

Yeah, I was just getting warmed up when we had to take a break.

“They had so much fun and were so good that we let them have another round after Waya rested up.”-Editor/Mom

“You’d better enjoy this time you have that she can’t catch you David, cause it won’t be long before she’ll be right on your heels.”-Auntie Jen



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