Seeings how dogs speak a different language than humans, sometimes I find it hard to get them to know what we’re thinking.  Sometimes there are things I’d like to have or do, that I can’t do myself, and I can’t get any of the humans to do it for me. It’s not that they’re stupid, I think they just don’t get it. So, I’ve been doing some research, cause I figure there’s got to be another way to get through to them. With the help of my super helpful assistant Aleksa, I’ve been learning all about Mental Telepathy.

Basically, Mental Telepathy is the process of transferring thoughts from one mind to another. It’s kinda like sending stuff from one computer to another, but a lot harder, cause like I said, we don’t speak the same language like computers do, and I think the humans just have way too much on their minds.
Plus, I guess you have to learn how to do it, which takes a lot more studying. Apparently, there are six key things:

1. Believe in telepathy… Check, I totally believe in it.
2. Eliminate your physical perception… Hmmm, not sure about this. It has something to do with focusing on your thoughts, and they suggest wearing headphones or goggles painted white. I can do that.
3. Engage in energetic coupling… What? I think they mean it’s important to have a bond with who you want to transfer your thoughts to, like you should have something in common with them. Heck, I have stuff in common with everyone I know.
4. Stretch your muscles and exercise.. I do this all the time.
5. Meditate and calm your mind… That’s not always easy cause there’s a lot going on around here, but maybe the headphones and goggles will help.
6. Decide on who will be the receiver and the sender…Well, I know my Mom better than anyone, but I’m not sure she’s the best human to start with, cause she already knows what I’m trying to do.

“Don’t you have to have two willing participants to make it work, David?”-Editor/Mom

I don’t think so, I mean that could be a problem, cause what if you don’t want them to know that you want them to do something?

“That’s not Mental Telepathy David, that’s Mind Control.”-Editor/Mom

Mind Control? What’s that? Is it better than Mental Telepathy? Is it easier?

“Nevermind, forget I said anything. I’m pretty sure it’s harder, and you probably ought to start with simple telepathy first.”-Editor/Mom

Okay, so they say if you do all six of those things, it should be easy to transmit a message, even for novices, which are beginners like me, but that not everyone is successful. And I figure since I’m doing it without them knowing it’ll probably be harder, but with a lot of mental preparation and practice, I think I can do it.

“So, who are you planning on starting with?”-Editor/Mom

I was thinking of starting with Waya first, as a test, before moving on to the humans. We speak the same language, already have a bond, and she’s usually up for anything.
Okay then, time to get started. First I’ll prepare myself mentally.

Then I’ll prep Waya, make sure we’re both on the same page.

Holy Crap, it worked! I did it while we were playing tug with my gator. She never lets go, and I transmitted to her that I really wanted it…and she gave it to me!!! She didn’t even know what hit her.

It was easy. I knew I’d be good at this. Boy, this is going to be great!

“Wow, I’m impressed. So do you think you’re ready to try it on a human yet? Who do think your first victim should be?”-Editor/Mom

“Don’t even think about it, David, or I’ll show some real Mental Telepathy.”-Auntie Jen

I think I’ll try it on Auntie Kristine. We’ve had a bond ever since I can remember, and she’d do anything for me. I can’t wait. I’ll let you all know how it turns out next week.

“I can’t wait to hear about this.”-Editor/Mom


I think I’d like to move to San Diego.
“What? Where? And Why all of a sudden?”-Editor/Mom
Well, I saw on facebook…
“Wait a minute. When were you on facebook?”-Editor/Mom
What do you mean? I’m always on facebook. How do you think I’m able to keep my paws on the pulse of what’s going on in our society?
“I thought you just asked your friend Aleksa when you wanted to know something.”-Editor/Mom 
I definitely do that cause she knows everything. I also hear about some stuff on the TV in the morning, and I try to stay up for the 11:00 News, but I hardly ever make it. I think facebook’s really the best source of information though, cause you can check it out any time you want to, there’s pictures, and all of your friends can share stories and answer any questions you might have about something. 
Like last week I saw my friend G, you remember G, right? She used to live here and then she moved to San Diego. It’s wicked far away and the sun shines all the time. And it never snows so they get to do Summer stuff all year long, like swimming. I Love swimming. 
“Yes, I’ve been to San Diego, and it’s a super fun place. But what did G tell you?”-Editor/Mom
Right, so G has this new, really fun thing to do, and she posted some pictures of it. It’s called “Dock Diving”, and it looks like a blast.

See, look how much fun she’s having! Come on, I could so do that! You know how much I Love jumping off docks into the lake. They have a special pool, cool toys to catch in mid-air, and competitions to see how far they can jump and they win prizes and everything! 
Can we go to San Diego? Can we, huh?? I could help save money. We could sell all of my collars on e-Bay. Coats too, cause I wouldn’t need them anymore. You don’t have to buy me anything for Christmas. Maybe we could have a Photo Shoot to earn money. Come on, I would be so good at this!

“You would definitely be good at this.”-Editor/Mom
And think about it, we could bring our boat and use it all the time, all year round. And you wouldn’t ever have to shovel snow again. 
“I have to admit, you’re making a pretty good case David.”-Editor/Mom
“I’m in! You had me at “Summer” all the time.”-Auntie Jen
“Sounds good to me, too.”-Waya

“Winters can be pretty brutal around here, and I appreciate all of the sacrifices you’re willing to make, but I don’t think we can just up and head West right now.”-Editor/Mom
Yeah, sure, I get it, but by the time we get to go, I’ll probably be too old to compete. 
“Well David, has it occurred to you that you might not have to go all the way to San Diego to go Dock Diving?”-Editor/Mom
Yeah, I know I can jump off docks around here, but it would be really fun to compete against other dogs like G does.
“Well then, you’ll be happy to know that there is a place right here in NH, not far from where you were born in Amherst, that has a Dock Diving Program, and you wouldn’t have to give up all of your collars and Christmas presents.”-Editor/Mom
No Way! Can we go?
“I’m pretty sure they only do it in the Summer around here, but I’ll tell you what… We’ll check out when they start up next year and sign you up.”-Editor/Mom
Do you mean it?
“Yup. And then you’ll be able to share your pictures and statistics with G. on facebook.”-Editor/Mom
Sweet! I can’t wait. I’m gonna tell G today. Can we go to the Lake so I can start practicing? We’ll need to get a tape measure. A really long one…


David C. Stein… and that’s C for Coull.
Yup, that’s my name (don’t wear it out), and I’ll bet you’re expecting this Blog to be all about me, aren’t you? Well it’s not. It’s about the original David C. Stein, my Great-Grandfather, who I was named after. You see today is August 20th, and this would be his 101st Birthday if he was still alive. 
He died way before I was born, but by all accounts, he was pretty amazing. It must be true, cause if you think about it, my Mom never would have named me after some loser. 

“That’s right David, he was a very Cool guy, kinda like you, and he’d be the first to tell you that the C. actually stood for Cool.”-Editor/Mom

See, I knew it. Except for us both being Cool though, I’m not sure how much we have in common, but Mom says that he would’ve really liked me anyway. Probably cause he liked to hunt, and well, I “am” a bird dog, even though I prefer bunnies.
“That’s actually okay, because he used to go rabbit hunting with his Beagles.”-Editor/Mom
Okay, so we’re kinda on the same page. Maybe we do have some common interests.

He was a big guy, with a big voice. Well, I’m not that big, but I’m told I have a big voice.

He liked to ride his motorcycles. I think they’re kinda loud, but, maybe if we had a sidecar.

He liked going to the mountains. I Love mountains.

He never went to college, but could fix or build anything, seriously, Anything. TV’s, lawnmowers, cars, he even built the house my Mom grew up in. I like to watch TV and ride on the lawnmower and in cars. He probably would’ve built me a really Cool dog house to hang out in.

He knew how to have a good time, and have a few ice cold beers, Dawson was his favorite. I’m not allowed to have beer, but it sure looks refreshing, and I like my water to be ice cold.

He liked to drive really fast with the windows wide open. I Love sticking my head out the window when we’re in the car.

He liked to go fishing. I Love fish.

“Well, that’s not exactly the same thing, but I really think you two would have hit it off and been best buddies anyway.”-Editor/Mom

Yeah, me too. So Happy Birthday Gramps! Oh, and here’s a picture of him with his beautiful wife Dorothy. He was a pretty handsome guy, wasn’t he? 

“Yup, people used to say he looked like Errol Flynn.”-Editor/Mom

Who’s Errol Flynn?

“Why don’t you go ask your friend Aleksa?-Editor/Mom




We just got back from our week in Camden, Maine. This was my third time going, and it’s my favoritist place in the whole, wide world. 
“I’m not sure that favoritist is a word, but I have to agree. Why don’t you tell everybody what you like the most.”-Editor/Mom
Since I don’t really know where to start, I’m gonna steal an idea from another famous Dave, and make a Top 10 List. So, here are the ten best things about our vacation.

#10-Car Rides and Stops at Cool Places on the Way

There are always fun places to get out and investigate when we go on vacation. And who knew Uncle Aaron had a place in Maine? This must be where he goes when he’s not with us at Free Dog. We stopped in but he wasn’t there. I wish I had a giant sign with my name on it on my house.

#9-Eating Out in Different Places

Okay, well mostly it was Mom and Auntie getting all the good food, but me and Waya got to have dinner on our balcony every night. Aleksa says it’s called eating “al fresco”.

#8-Going for Walks and Hanging Outside

There are so many fun places to hang out in Camden, and they’re all really close to our hotel. There’s the park, and the water, and the waterfall, and the main street. There’s tons of benches to sit on, and I taught Waya how much fun it is to roll around in the grass.


Well, it is the most important meal of the day. And they bring it to us every morning in our room.

#6-My Duck Friends

It was really cool seeing all of my duck friends from last year. I’m pretty sure they remembered me, too. And I know the big white bird isn’t a duck, but I thought she was really neat looking.

#5-Playing Frisbee on the Big Hill

It’s so much fun having the whole park to ourselves in the morning before everybody gets up.

Auntie Jen and Waya really like the park, too. They had tons of room to work on Waya’s drills.


This was my first time ever seeing fireworks. Amazing!They were really pretty and I love the big, loud booms they made.

#3-Our Hotel

We always stay at the Grand Harbor Inn. They remember us every year, and always welcome us with cookies. It’s right on the water with a great view of the harbor. Our room is huge, so there’s plenty of room for us to play, and then there’s a comfy bed, couch and chair for us to hang out on. It even has a fireplace, but we really didn’t need it cause it was so nice out.


Me and Waya both loved getting to swim every day. Funny thing is though, I do all the work fetching the sticks and toys, and she steals them from me as soon as I get close to the shore. I don’t really mind though, cause fetching the toys is the fun part anyway.

#1-The Sailboat Ride

And the best thing about Camden…Every year we go out on the Schooner Appledore, and it’s always the best part of our trip. Waya really loved it, too. I like looking over the side of the boat and seeing all of the other cool sailboats in the bay. We saw this giant yacht that was so big it had it’s own motor boat and sailboat on it’s deck. They said it’s the third biggest private yacht in the world and it belongs to some billionaire oil guy from Russia, wherever that is.

“Well, it sounds like you and Waya had as good a time as Auntie and I. I’m surprised though, that our annual trip up Mt. Battie didn’t make your Top 10 List.”_Editor/Mom

Yeah, it’s really nice up there, but we usually hike up to the top and this time we drove. Running up and down the trail is the best part. 

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, but I was really tired, and I promise to be in better shape when go back next year.”-Editor/Mom

That’s okay, cause you know what the best part of vacation really is? It’s all the extra hang out and cuddle time we get to have with our Moms, right Waya?

“Yup, you bet.”-Waya


“It’s hard to believe another year has gone by already. It sure doesn’t seem that long ago we sat down for our last Official Birthday Interview, but it’s definitely time to catch up with our Boy to see if any of his views and insights have changed. Here he comes now, so let’s get started.”-Editor/Mom

“You’re a hard little man to catch up with, David. It hasn’t been easy scheduling this interview.”-Editor/Mom
Well, we could’ve done it last week, but I thought it important to look my best. After all, you’re supposed to dress up and look professional when you go out on an interview, and I couldn’t get an appointment at the Salon ’til last Saturday. 
“I didn’t realize you cared that much about your appearance David, but I have to say, you are looking quite dashing today.”-Editor/Mom
Why, thank you. Like you said, it’s been a whole year since my last Interview. A lot has happened, and I’ve grown up a lot, but I have to tell you that getting groomed isn’t one of my favorite things to do, and I don’t think I’ll ever like it no matter how old I get. In fact, I don’t know anyone who likes it, but our humans think it’s important and sometimes you gotta do stuff you don’t really want to.
“Well, if it makes you feel any better, us humans must also do things we’d rather not. I have, however been looking forward to our Interview, so let’s get to it. You remember how this works, right?”-Editor/Mom
Yup, you ask and I answer. Fire away. And when you’re done, I have a question for you.

Q: Okay, fair enough. So, now that you’re three whole years old, how does it feel to be a big boy, and not Baby David anymore?
A: Feels pretty good. I mean being an adult is a lot of responsibility, but it’s nice to be taken seriously. 

Q: You mentioned that a lot has happened in the last year. Which events stand out in your mind? 
A: Well, I probably oughta talk about how we all elected a new President, cause I know that’s important, but I’ve gotta be honest, it really doesn’t make much difference to me. I was born here, I already have health insurance and my job at Free Dog is pretty secure, so I don’t think any of his new policies will have much affect on me directly.

Q: So what are the things that you feel have had the greatest impact on you?
A: Losing Jazzy. That was sad, and really hard on all of us. It was weird being the only dog in the house. And then we got Waya. She’s totally different than Jazzy was, so that’s been hard getting used to. 

Q: Sounds like a big shake-up in the family dynamics. How’re things going now?
A: It’s going okay. We still miss Jazzy a lot, but it’s better now that Waya’s getting older. And talk about growing up? I went from being a little brother to being a big brother practically overnight. I just wish she respected me a little bit more, but we’re working on it.

Q: What makes you think she doesn’t respect you?
A: Well, she takes all my stuff, kills my favorite toys, and is always biting my ears. The worst thing is she gets really mad whenever I want to hang out with Auntie Jen. It’s like she can do whatever she wants, but I can’t have any fun, and she doesn’t care at all that I was here first.

Q: Well, if I recall correctly, you weren’t a perfect puppy, and since you’ve grown up quite a bit in your three years, she’ll probably come around, too. Don’t you think you should give her a break?
A: When you put it that way, I guess it would be the adult thing to do. Like I said, so much more responsibility.

Q: Well it looks like things are headed in the right direction there. I hear your family has made a substantial recreational investment. How do you feel about that?
A: A What?  

Q: Your new boat?
A: Oh, right, our boat! I love the boat. We all do. Actually, it’s our second boat. We got the first one on the way home from vacation last year, and named it “The Nood” after Jazzy. But since we all decided it wasn’t really big enough after all, Mom and Auntie Jen got us a bigger one. It rides a lot smoother, and can fit all of us. We go out for rides on lakes every chance we get. I’m learning to be a First Mate, and am hoping to someday be a Captain.

Q: Well, that sounds like a lot of fun. Which leads me to my next question: What was the most fun thing you did last year?
A: Hmmmmm, that’s hard to answer, cause I have a lot of fun. Maybe going out on the sailboat ride on the tall ship in Maine. That was really fun. I hope we get to go this year, too.

Q: How about the worst thing that happened last year? Other than losing Jazzy.
A: That’s easy, getting scared by the horse and buggy in Amish country. I really lost my cool. At the time I couldn’t help it, but looking back, it was pretty embarrassing, especially in front of all those people and Auntie Jen.

Q: Just a few quick questions to wrap up today. Your greatest accomplishment?
A: Learning to play Frisbee.

Q: Your favorite day of the week, and why?
A: Saturday, cause we’re all together and sometimes get to do fun things.

Q: Do you have a nickname?
A: Yup, everybody calls me “Schmavid”.

Q: That’s interesting. What does it mean?
A: No idea, but I kinda like it.

“Okay then, that’s all I have for this year’s Birthday Interview. You said you had a question to ask me?”-Editor/Mom

Yup, I’m having a hard time deciding which picture I should use as my Official Birthday Interview photo. The first one really shows off my new haircut and bow tie, but I think the second one with the glasses makes me look older, more like an adult. What do you think?
“Hmmmm, they’re both good photos, I can see your dilemma. I say we use them both.”-Editor/Mom

Capital idea. Thanks so much for your help, and for having me in for this Interview. It’s been a lot of fun, even though there weren’t any refreshments. Maybe next year we could have some cookies.




I know I’m all kinds of late with this post, but Boy oh Boy was I tired after our last little weekend getaway. It wasn’t just a regular Boat Ride weekend or Day Trip weekend. Hey, by the way, did you know that part of my whole long official name is Day Tripper? Yup, and it’s not just cause my family are all Beatles fans (My Mom’s name is Abbey Road and my Dad’s name is Band on the Run). It’s got what you call a double meaning, and that’s cause we like to go on Day Trips. And sometimes our Day Trips last longer than twenty-four hours.

There’s almost always a destination in mind for a Day Trip. Like this past weekend we left early Saturday morning to go on a boat ride to a new lake up in New Hampshire. Well, it’s not exactly a new lake, but one we hadn’t been to before. Newfound Lake. It took us awhile to get there, but once we got the boat in the water, we sure had a good time.

It was super nice out. The lake was really big, and it even had an island where our Moms pulled up the boat on so we could get off and go swimming. That was really cool. I wish we lived on an island so we could go swimming all the time, even though Waya always steals my toy after I do all the hard work fetching it out of the water.
“You’re not the only one, David. I could definitely get into living on a lake. And maybe Waya won’t steal your toys when she’s a better swimmer and can get her own.”-Editor/Mom

I sure hope so. Anyway, where was I? 
“On Newfound Lake.”-Editor/Mom
Right. We were having such a good time none of us wanted to go home. So, Mom started calling on the phone, right from the boat, to try and find us a place to stay. And it worked. The Blue Moon Motel wasn’t very far away, and they had a room for us. Now it was officially a Secret Mission.

The Blue Moon was nice, but we really didn’t spend much time there. It was late by the time we got off the lake, so we to out for dinner on Lake Winnipesaukee, where they didn’t let us go swimming, but we were able to sit out on the grass patio with our Moms while they ate. Then we went out for breakfast in Plymouth, where we had to wait in the car, but got to go for a walk around the little town.

Then it was time to get back out in the boat again for day two on the Lake. We ended up having to go to a different lake, on account of Newfound Lake was full, which I don’t really get, cause there looked like there was plenty of room out there for us.
“It wasn’t the lake that was full, it was the parking lot for our car and trailer that was full. Some kind of fishing tournament going on. We’ll be remembering to check on stuff like that before heading out on future expeditions.”-Editor/Mom

So we drove about a half hour to Winnisquam Lake, and spent the day checking out everything there. It was a really nice lake too, even though it didn’t have a place we could get out and swim. 

I think I might have some of the lake pictures mixed up, but I think you’ll agree they’re both really nice. I highly recommend checking them both out. It’s even more fun if you make it a Secret Mission, cause you never know where you might end up.

One funny thing I noticed when I was going through all of the pictures… Have you noticed that Waya only has one ear in every picture of her? Silly, right?


I just remembered that I never wrote about our trip to Amish Country. Mostly it’s because we’ve been really busy, but to be completely honest, there was an incident that I’ve been trying to forget about. I don’t want you to think that I didn’t have a good time on vacation, cause for the most part, it was a ton of fun. Our cottage by the covered bridge was really cool. 

It was kinda cold out, so we didn’t get to swim in the river a lot, but there was lots of room to play frisbee, and we went to a farm that makes the Best ice cream in the whole wide world. We got to sleep in late and spend all of our time together. So we all had a really good time, in fact it was just about perfect, except for one thing. 

I know Auntie Jen already told just about everyone, and I really don’t want to re-live the incident again, so I’m just gonna go ahead and admit that yes, I’m a little bit afraid of horses.

“A little bit afraid?”-Auntie Jen

Alright, alright! I’m a lot afraid. But seriously, can you blame me? Do you know how big these things are?? Have you seen them??? They’re so big people ride them!

 I know a lot of really big dogs. My Cousin Sophie is big. Grover and Mojo and Looch are really big dogs that come to Camp. But I figured horses are like, ten times as big as all of them, probably put together. So I asked Aleksa, and I was right. She said that the average horse weighs 1,100 pounds, and that some of them can weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. That means Sophie, Grover, Mojo and Looch all together only weigh half of what a small horse weighs! Not to mention they always travel in pairs, and pull these really loud cart things behind them. It’s very intimidating. Waya didn’t like them either.

There were cows all over the place in Pennsylvania. They’re really big too, but all they do is hang around in the fields. I like cows. They’re not running loose in the streets scaring the Heck out of everybody.

“Horses aren’t bad animals, David. They like a lot of the same things that dogs do. They like the snow, and running on the beach and playing together, which is probably where the saying “Horsing Around” comes from. Maybe you ought to give them another chance”-Editor/Mom

You realize I only weigh 47 pounds, right? One of them is like, 23 times as big as me. How would you feel if you saw any of these things coming at you?? 

What if they all decide to get together and have a stampede? Who’s gonna keep me from being trampled to death then? Nobody, that’s who. So, No Sir-eeee, Bub, you’re not gonna catch me anywhere near any of them.

“Hey, David. If Waya keeps growing at the rate she is now, she might be able to give them a run for their money. She’d save you.”-Editor/Mom

Ha ha ha… You’re kidding, right?? No way she could get that big.

“Yeah, probably not. I wouldn’t worry about it.”-Editor/Mom






Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this blog post out to you all. First I wanted to talk about the incident that happened while we were on vacation. I know my Mom and Auntie Jen told everyone about it, and I really wanted to tell my side of the story, but something else way more exciting happened last week. We got a new boat! And boy is it cool! I don’t know if you remember the little boat we had last year, but this one is like, twice as big, and it’s a good thing too, cause I don’t think there would’ve been room in that one for Waya.

Check this out! There’s room at the bow (that’s the front of the boat for all you landlubbers) for both of us. We can jump down into the boat and even chase each other around the driver’s seat in the middle.

“Yeah, well don’t get used to it. This is only a loaner. We thought it would be a good idea to give you guys some room, but as it turns out, center console design with a herding dog does not make for very relaxing cruising, so we’re looking forward to getting the boat we ordered.”-Editor/Mom

Hey, doesn’t matter to me, as long as we get to catch some wind in our ears and look out over the side at the water. That’s the funnest part, well, along with how we always get to go swimming before and after every boat ride. Oh yeah, and Mom always brings snacks and we usually get to share them. Last week we all had strawberries. They were delicious.

“So that’s the best part? The food? What about us all getting to go new places and hang out as a family?”-Editor/Mom

Well heck yeah! That’s always the best part. And it’s even better now that we have a smoother riding boat. I always felt like I was gonna bounce right out of the last one. Mom and Auntie Jen thought it was funny, but they’re taking it a lot easier on us now. Maybe it has something to do with that boating safety course they took.

Boating can definitely be very relaxing when you’re not holding on for your life. We’ve already been out on two different lakes, and this weekend we’re renting a house on a lake so that we can go out for rides whenever we want without having to go through the whole trailer thing. And look, our Moms bought us cool new collars to wear now that we’re actually “boaters”. 

“Hey, you’ve gotta look good while you’re out there.”-Editor/Mom


I don’t know if any of you have noticed what’s been going on lately. Take a look at these last few pictures my Mom has taken. What do you see? Don’t know what I’m talking about yet? It’s Waya. Look at her. She’s bigger than me! It happened overnite. 

She’s not even six months old yet. This is totally unfair! It took me two years to get as big as I am, how big will she be when she’s two?

“Hard to say. We’re not sure either, David.”-Editor/Mom

Seriously? Am I the only one who’s concerned about this? She already throws her weight around, and even though I still have a couple of pounds on her, at this rate how long will it be before I won’t stand a chance? Not very, that’s how long.
Well, I’m not waiting around for it to happen. If I’m gonna keep my butt from getting kicked around here I’ve gotta get going. That’s right, time to start working out. Bulking up is the best defense against getting rolled over. I’m pretty sure there’s some gym stuff kicking around. Maybe my Mom will help me get set up.

“Sure thing, David. I’ll help you dust off the gym and set you up with a little work-out room. Someone might as well be using it.”-Editor/Mom

Since I don’t know a lot about working out I had to do a little research. It’s really important to use the right equipment. Mom took care of that, check. Can’t wait to get started. Apparently, apparel is important, too. I’m not sure what the fitbit thing is all about. I mean is it considered equipment? Or apparel? Even though you’re wearing it, I’m thinking it’s equipment, because I guess it can keep track of your footsteps, and tell you your heart rate is, both good to know when you’re working out, cause you don’t want to overdue it. 

“Apparel is important, and I think you’ve nailed it with the tanktop and sweatbands. Looks like you’re ready to get started”-Editor/Mom

Well, the first thing I learned is it’s important to stretch out before working out, so’s you don’t blow out an acl or something. I’ve heard stories about how painful that can be.

“Not to mention, a long set-back to your work-out program, and that Waya’s not getting any smaller.”-Editor/Mom

I think starting out with a few reps on the light weights is a good idea… Up…Down…Up…Down…Up…and…Hold… Phew! I’m already working up a sweat.

“Ummmm, I’m no work-out expert, but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to actually “lift” those.”-Editor/Mom

What? Lift them? That’s stupid. How am I supposed to do that? 

“You could use your mouth. I bet that would help strengthen up those neck muscles.”-Editor/Mom

Right, good idea. I’ll try that next time. Onto my next exercise, some serious weights. You’d better look out Waya!

“Did you say onto? Because again, pretty sure you’re supposed to “lift” these, too.”-Editor/Mom

Did I say onto? Cause I meant to say on to. But I’m gonna need a hand getting these weights onto the machine, cause I can’t get them off the floor with my mouth. You don’t think this is too much to start with, do you?

“Nah, I think you can handle it.”-Editor/Mom


It’s really important to wear a weight belt when lifting. Again, so you don’t hurt yourself. I’ve heard you can get a hernia, and that nobody likes those. It’s also good to have a spotter in case you drop something on yourself. 

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you David.”-Editor/Mom

Really feeling the burn now. I’m totally getting the hang of this. Am I getting a six-pack yet?

“Ummm, not yet, but you’re looking good, buddy. You might want to wrap up soon, it’s only your first day. You’re going to be a hurting puppy tomorrow.”-Editor/Mom/Spotter

Yup, I thought a mile on the bike would be a good finish to my work-out, but that proved to be a little harder than I expected. This isn’t as easy as it looks.

“Yeah, you might want to be careful there. That bike might be a little bit too big for you. We’ll have to find you something smaller. Meantime you could always go for a jog or a swim. Those are both great ways to get in shape.”-Editor/Mom

Did you say Swimming? I love swimming. 
Right now though, it’s time for the best part of the work-out. The protein shake. Where’s that fitbit? Wonder how many steps I took.

“Looks like 5,000 steps. Not bad, David.”-Editor/Mom

5,000. Is that a lot? Cause I’m thinking that since it’s really your fitbit, and you only have two legs, that my steps ought to be doubled. So that means I really did 10,000. Whew! No wonder I’m tired.

So, overall, how did you like your first workout?”-Editor/Mom

I think it went pretty well. Except for one thing. Even with my sweatband on, I felt like my ears were impeding my range of motion. Any ideas what I can do about that? 

“Oh yeah. I think we can come up with something.”-Editor/Mom

Thiis works, and apparently, the full “man bun” is quite a popular hairstyle with Hipsters.


I know I’m wicked late with my Blog Post, but I’m thinking I’ve got a pretty good excuse this time. A couple of them really. Not only is it school vacation week, which means we’ve all been really busy around here, but look at my paws! How am I supposed to type with these?

I don’t know what happened. I didn’t do anything different. I was out playing with my friends last Friday, like usual. Maybe I spent a little more time outside than on a regular Friday. I don’t know, but when I cam in, my paws were killing me. I could hardly stand on either of my front feet.

“Could be because you ran around a lot more than usual with your friends, and the rocks in the yard were wet, and they aggravated your pads. It’s strange, cause you’re not a puppy anymore, and you’re used to playing on our rocks. Your feet ought to be tougher than that, but yeah, they were looking pretty raw. You licking them didn’t help, either.”-Editor/Mom

Well, they were itchy and sore. But I didn’t have much choice after Auntie Jen and Uncle Aaron put all that goopy stuff on my feet and wrapped them all up with bandages, did I? Slippery bandages, I might add. I had a hard time walking on the floor without sliding around. 

“Yup, and that’s why we gave you a benadryl, so you’d be able to rest without them bothering you.”-Editor/Mom

And it worked, cause I took a really long nap on the couch before bed.

The only problem was, when I went to bed I had a really hard time chewing on my bone, but I figured it out. 

Saturday morning, my bandages started falling apart after I went outside to pee, and I was happy when Mom took them off. It was like magic, they didn’t hurt at all anymore! Briar Rose was there, and I was hoping to get to play with her, but everybody said I had to stay inside for the whole day to make sure they were all healed.

It was a long, boring day, but it worked! By Sunday, I was running around like nothing happened, and they’ve been fine ever since. 

“A little rest never hurt anybody, David. And maybe we’ll have to limit your rainy day outside play for awhile.”-Editor/Mom