“So David, how’s about a little update on how things are going between you and your new puppy?”-Editor/Mom

Puppy? You mean Waya? She’s not a puppy, she’s a piranha! Have you seen the fangs on her? She’s not afraid to use them, either. 

“So, apparently you’ve forgotten what you were like when you were four months old. We couldn’t even let you near Jazzy, because all you wanted to do was jump on her and bite her. She wanted nothing to do with you.”-Editor/Mom

I don’t remember that. And hey, I like it when we get to run and wrestle together. Nobody likes a good Smackdown more than me, but boy oh boy, do those teeth hurt when she chews on my head. I figured out the best way to stop her, though. I just grab one of her legs and hold on ’til she lets go. Then I start running so she can’t catch me.

It’s fun when we have toys or sticks to play with, except that she always wants the one I have. We’re learning to share, but it’s better when we each have our own to run with. 

“So, all in all, it sounds like things are going well. We’re glad that you two are getting along, and that we’re able to leave you alone outside together, even if it’s only for short periods at a time.”-Editor/Mom

Yeah, it’s fun taking turns knocking each other down. I just wish she’d learn what it means when I say “Uncle”, and let me go. And have you noticed that she’s getting bigger? Just look at the difference in the first four pictures from the beginning of the week, and these last ones from today. She’s almost as big as me. She’s getting faster, too. I’ve really gotta turn on the turbo to stay ahead of her now.

The most important question of all is: When are her puppy teeth going to fall out? 

“Not soon enough, David. Not soon enough.”-Editor/Mom


Me and Waya have been spending a lot more time together lately. We’ve been out playing in the snow, and going on walks, and just hanging around in the house. It’s fun being out and about, cause we get to investigate new things. 

Being off-leash is always the best, cause we get to run and run and run. I run, and Waya chases me. We can only do that when we’re in our yards though, cause Waya doesn’t know how to come when she’s called yet. She’s learning stuff really fast though, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to run together other places too, cause she gets really mad when I get to run and she can’t chase me. 

It’s not quite as much fun playing in the house, cause it’s harder to get away, and all she wants to do is bite my ears. It’s kinda fun at first, but boy, does she have sharp teeth. And then she cries when I bite her back and “I” get in trouble. 

“You forgot to tell them about her new favorite game to play with you, David: “Spaniel Surfing”. It’s tons of fun and can be played indoors or outdoors.”-Editor/Mom

Right… I didn’t know it had a name.


Man, this has been the BEST WEEK EVER! I LOVE the snow!! 

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed all of our recent blizzards, David. I can’t say that I share your enthusiasm, though.”-Mom/Editor

Why not? It’s so much fun to play in. You get to run and jump in it. 

It’s super fun digging in all the giant snowbanks.

“I’m glad you like them, but you do realize who builds all those giant snowbanks don’t you? The humans find that snow is a lot of work. We’re all exhausted after this week.”-Editor/Mom/Snow Removal Expert

Really? Cause I never get tired of of it. Sometimes you find toys that the other dogs have lost. My favorite thing is playing “King of the Hill”, then jumping off the top. 

“That ‘is’ a fun game, and I love watching you play it, but by the time I’m done fixing all of your piles of snow, I’d really just rather go inside and have a cup of hot chocolate.”-Editor/Mom

“How’d you like being “King of the Patio?”-Editor/Mom

It’s not a bad view from the tall chairs. And you know what else is really cool? Getting to go out side when it’s snowing at night. You get to make fresh tracks, and sometimes you find new ones that some other critter has made. I always follow them and try to find them, but they must be really good at hiding. 

“Yes, there’s nothing I like more than shoveling at 11:00 at night. And those tracks? Probably that bunny that we saw hanging around in the Fall. He must be living nearby.”-Editor/Mom

Do you know what the Best thing has been this week? Playing in the snow with Waya. She loves the snow as much as me. We can’t wait to go outside and run and wrestle in the snow. I run and she chases me. It’s the most fun we’ve had together since she came.

“That I can agree with. The snow has really helped the two of you bond, and it’s fun for us watching the two of you play together.”-Editor/Mom

“It’s fun now, but what are you gonna do next year when she’ll be bigger and faster than you?”-Auntie Jen

Hmmmm, maybe I’ll learn how to hide like the bunny does. Meantime, I have a question: How come it hardly ever snows here? It’s so much fun, I wish it would snow ALL the time. 

“Are you kidding me? You know there are probably a lot of families in Montana who would love a handsome Springer Spaniel like yourself. It snows a lot there, you’d be very happy.”-Editor/Mom

What? You wouldn’t! You’d miss me. Come on, you had fun in the snow, too.

“You’re right, I would miss you.”-Editor/Mom